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While every divorce has the potential to be incredibly complex and drawn-out, military divorces are particularly stressful and complicated. Issues such as child custody, alimony, visitation, and distribution of retirement benefits inevitably become more intricate if one or both parents are in the military. If you or your spouse is overseas for a significant portion of the time, it is essential you don’t let another moment go by before you enlist in the help of a Jacksonville divorce attorney such as ours at the Law Offices of Stephanie Gurrola, PLLC.

If you or your spouse have military status, the following are important aspects to consider:

  • Location – Where you file for divorce is essential, as it will need to be in a state where either one of you lives. This may be important to you because each state handles the division of military pensions differently, which will unavoidably affect you in the long run.
  • Child support – Child support is calculated according to Florida state law, and military members are expected to financially support their children just as anyone else is post-divorce.
  • Visitation – If either spouse is in the military, the military parent may be abroad for extended periods of time, making visitation quite infrequent even if both parents are married. In the aftermath of a divorce, visitation will be settled specifically to your particular situation.
  • Pension and retirement benefits – This is one of the foremost issues in a military divorce, as service members who retire after 20 years of active service receive retirement pension for the rest of their lives. A military spouse is entitled to their marital portion of those benefits. An attorney can help make sure that the marital portion of the retirement benefits is calculated correctly. This is a serious issue of concern for all involved, and the outcome truly depends on the specifics of one’s marriage, divorce, and overall case.

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